Most Popular eSports to bet on

Esports, a relatively new term on most lips, although punters have been wagering money on the outcomes of soccer, football, and tennis for quite a while.
For those that are not familiar with the term, esports is short for electronic sports, or competitive videogaming. Videogaming is not a new concept. Reports show that more than a billion people participate in online videogaming, whether it be casual or competitive.
Professional esports are practiced on a whole new level. The bigger contests have prize money totaling millions of US Dollars and attract live as well as online streaming spectators. Bigger TV networks such as ESPN have also recently started showing an interest in this exploding industry.
Popular Esports Games include in no specific order Call of Duty, Battlefield, Dota 2, FIFA Football/Soccer, Halo, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, and World of Tanks, to name a few.
The importance is that you understand exactly how to place a bet on an esport if you do not want to lose. Start by focusing on major tournaments, such as The International Dota2 Championships,
Call of Duty Championship, ELEAGUE, eGames, Halo World Championships, Evolution Championship Series, Capcom Pro Tour, Intel Extreme Masters, World Electronic Sports Games, Major League Gaming, League of Legends World Championships and World Championship Series.
There are several ways of betting on esports.

Real money betting: the nearest to traditional sports betting is self-explanatory. Punters wager real money, and if their selections are correct, they get paid out. Various wages can be made, e.g. on overall winners of tournaments and winners of individual matches.
Skin betting: here players can sell items won in virtual games by using virtual currency. As this is very popular among gamers there are numerous websites where players can buy, sell and swap items and currencies for several of the most popular video games. Items won or virtual currency can also be used in online gambling. There are betting sites where players can use items and currencies to gamble with instead of using real money.
Social betting: friends or online contacts make informal wagers between themselves on the outcome of events. Wagers can either be for real money, skins or other items. The terms are pre-agreed between the parties and settled accordingly.
Challenge betting: also known as head-to-head betting. Gamers compete against each other for real money or items and skins, either informally or on a formal website. On the website entrants pay an entry fee, and the winnings is paid from this. If you are not much of a gamer there is not much point getting involved with challenge betting.
It is not only important to know how to bet on esports, but also how to make money. Beating bookmakers is not an easy feat. A lot of time, effort and patience is required if a punter is serious about this way of gambling.
The first thing a new punter needs to know is that there are a lot of similarities between betting on traditional sports and betting on esports. A few tips on getting you started: Gamblers need to understand the odds and how to calculate pay-outs. Organize a proper bankroll and manage it with great care. Ascertain the value in betting odds. The most important factor is doing effective research. Keep a proper record of your bets. And lastly, find a reliable, top quality esport gambling website with a good reputation, that is easy to use, and allows fast withdrawals. I would suggest that you browse ‘CSGO Betting Sites’.
The most popular esport games to bet on are Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO.