eSports Betting sites South Africa

eSports betting has been popular in South Africa for a few years, but was always tiny as compared to betting on the major real sporting events. This makes sense, as in order to bet on eSports, you needed an understanding of the eSports games, the game-play and the betting markets. However, things have recently changed which has made betting on eSports in South Africa, much more popular. These are:
1. With the lockdown in place, most sporting events have stopped and there are no real sports to actually bet on
2. Instead of only being able to bet on the esports games like DOTA 1, LOL, or KOG, players are now able to bet on easier to understand “crossover” eSports, such as FIFA (eSoccer), eNascar, and eTennis.

How to bet on eSports in South Africa

The easiest way to get started betting on eSports in South Africa, is to bet on the game(s) that you understand best. For most people, this would initially be the Electronic Soccer (eSoccer), specifically being played on FIFA. Being soccer means that the same rules apply that would normally apply for betting on a soccer match. The same betting markets would also apply. You can see our FIFA eSoccer tips here.

Which South Africa betting sites offer eSports

There are surprising quite a lot of South African betting sites that offer eSports Betting. These include Betway South Africa, Hollywoodbets, Supabets, Sunbet and WSB.

Betway South Africa eSports

Betway were one of the first betting sites in SA to offer eSports betting. They have a full range of betting including all the big headline games as well as electronic soccer. There are 2 places to find eSports on Betway SA. Firstly the eSoccer games are all under the normal soccer menu, and on their homepage. Secondly, the other eSports like DOTA 2 are under the eSports tab at the top of the site.

Hollywoodbets eSports Betting

Hollywoodbets actually launched with eSports back in 2017. They have since expanded their offering to include all the major Esports events as well as the ones which close resemble sport, such as eSoccer, eNascar etc.