Bet365 Esports

Bet365 is one of the world’s leading online gambling companies. To demonstrate its gargantuan status, Bet365 does offer numerous portfolios to its customers. These all relate to different betting services that punters can place bets on ranging on casino games, sports betting to eSport betting. This guide pays particular attention to the latter hence for more information on eSports betting, punters simply need to continue reading this detailed Bet365 guide.

Which eSports does Bet365 Offer

There are a few things that are omnipresent in every society. When it comes to the punter society, diversity is one of those few things that is omnipresent. Different punters have different tastes when it comes to the eSports that they prefer placing bets on. Recognizing this, Bet365 decided to do the noble thing by rolling out a wide range of different eSports. Even more impressive is the fact that Bet365 also recognized that different punters have different preferences when it comes to betting markets even when they want to place bets on the same game. To allow all punters the opportunity to place their preferred bets, Bet365 does offer numerous betting markets on each of the game that they offer.

The eSports on offer on Bet365 include:

What punters ought to know when it comes to the eSports on Bet365 is that Bet365 does cover all the major events and tournaments that are part and parcel of the eSports. For instance, when it comes to CS: GO, punters can place bets on different CS: GO events which include DreamHack Masters Spring EU, ESEA MDL, ESL Meisterschaft, ESL One: Road to Rio among many others. What this in turn means is that at any point in time, punters who visit the eSports section at Bet365 will have something to place bets on.

Navigating to the eSport Portfolio on Bet365 Desktop

When using the desktop, the punter will need to follow the steps below to reach the eSports section:

  1. Login to the casino account or sign up if one doesn’t already have an account; the sign up process is quick and take less than 5 minutes.
  2. Once logged in, check the highest placed tab in the header and click on the ‘Sports’ tab
  3. Afterwards, proceed to check the left hand side of the homepage where there is a long list of all offerings in the sports book section
  4. Scroll down until you find the ‘Esports’ button
  5. Click the Esports button to be redirected to the eSports section

Navigating to the eSport Portfolio on Bet365 Mobile

The steps that the punter needs to take to reach the eSports section when using a mobile device are as follows:

  1. Login to the casino account (in case one doesn’t have an account already, then he will have to sign up by clicking the Join button which is found on the top left corner of the homepage)
  2. In the header section just below the tab for logging in and signing up, the punter will see a tab showing all the offering in the sports book section of Bet365; scroll the tab until the button written Esports pops up
  3. The punter will need to click the Esports button to be redirected to the eSports section
  4. Once redirected, the punter will be able to see all the eSports offered as well as current events/matches/games that are taking place.

Main Bet365 eSports Odds

When looking to place bets on any eSport event or match, punters will have to consider the odds that are placed for each of the participating teams/players. In the eSports section, Bet365 uses the decimal odds also known as the European odds as the default odds. Punters have the opportunity to change the default odds in the Settings tab but it’s advisable to stick with decimal odds as these are easy to read and understand. Decimal odds may look like this: Team Hong Kong 3.40 – ONE Team 6.50.

What punters need to note is that odds are the numerical way of describing the likelihood of an outcome occurring. As such, it’s of extreme importance to be able to deduce what certain odds mean for the team/player you are backing and what the odds for the team/player you are pitting to lose.

Decimal odds do display the total return from a 1 unit stake. One this entails is that if a team has odds of 1.98 to win and the punter places a $1 stake, if the team goes on to win, he will win 0.98 c. Another example, suppose a team has 3.00 odds to win and the punter places a $100 stake, to calculate the potential return, all that the punter needs to do is to multiply the odds by the stake that is 100 x 3.00 giving a return of $300.

The beauty of using decimal odds is that it is pretty easy to calculate the potential return. Also, it’s quite easy to detect the favourite and the underdog by just looking at the odds. 

Bet365 eSport Promotions

  • Welcome Bonus: All players and punters at Bet365 can claim a welcome bonus when they register their accounts and make a first deposit. It’s important to note that the welcome bonus must be claimed within seven days of making the first deposit. To qualify, the punter must select the ‘Members’ button from the ‘Services’ tab and proceed to the Offers section where he will have to choose the Offers Available and opt for the Welcome Bonus. Once done, the punter must make a first deposit of not less than $10. Once done, Bet365 will match the punter’s first deposit by a 100% margin up to $100.To use the bonus funds, the punter must turn over the amount of the first deposit on any eSport game – the selected bets must equal the value of three times the first deposit.

Round Up

Bet365 is an incredible online gambling institution that warmly welcomes every type of gambler from casino players, sports punters to eSports punters. For punters interested in eSports, they ought to know that they can find most of the popular eSports games at Bet365. The beauty of the eSports on offer is that they come with a wide variety of betting markets.