GGBet Promotions

GGBet Welcome Bonus

GG.BET brings to you its welcome bonus from 9th July to 31st December 2020 to all those new clients who have not yet deposited in GG.BET website. The Casino Bonus awarded can be claimed up to US$400 and 175 Free spins depending to the amount deposited. The bonus is valid up to 5 days.

Summer Cash Back 10%

Get your 10% Cash back if case you have lost your games. GG.BET provide  a cash back from the period of 27 July to 2 August to all those who have bet in live and prematch events such as football, hockey, basketball, volleyball,tennis or boxing of an 1.75 odds. The maximum amount paid as cash is US$ 125. Hence get your summer betting and get safe in case of loses.

100 Magic Freespins

Get 100 Freespin under the 100 Magic Freesoin with GG.BET after making a deposit ranging from  US$ 10 to US$ 40 to get a range of Freespins from 10 to 50. Clients must deposit during the promotional period from 2nd July to 31 July 2020 and have a validity of Freespins for 5 days.

Insta Bonus

If you know there will be a possibility goal from a penalty spot raning from 72 % to 86 %, GG.BET gets you three insta deposit bonuses in the month of July and score more penalties. Just refund your account from US$ 10 and get a inst 100% deposit bonus of an amount of up to US$ 30 which is valid up to 5 days. Such bonus is valid from 2nd July to 31st July.

Lootbet Promotions


LOOT.BET  bring to you its latest  Summer First Deposit gift pack for its new clients of having a 100% deposit bonus and 10 free spins in the Counter Punch Pro. The bonus provide a deposit of maximum Eur 100. Simply make a deposit of Eur 10 and use the code MALTA to get your account credited. each client has 15 days to wager its bonus.

Hot Deposit Bonus

Get your 50% Bonus and 10 Free spins on Elite forces games with lOOT.BET upon activation by making a deposit of 10Eur. Bonus is only available by using the code HEAT and receive an amount up to 100Euron your bonus account. Such a bonus is valid up to 15 days.

Luckbox Promotions

LuckBox 100% Deposit Bonus

Get your money double with LuckBox 100% Deposit Bonus once you registered. Your first deposit bonus should be claim upon depositing with a Bonus code GLHF. Each client will have 14b days to wager their bonus otherwise it will be remove. The offer is limited to one per household.

125% Midsummer Bonus

LuckBox with its 125% Midsummer Bonus will boost your deposit by 125% to each client after successfully deposited into your account. It  does not need to be your first deposit to benefit from the Midsummer Bonus. Each client need to use the code SUMMER to claim their respective bonus. Each client have 14 days to wager its bonus.

Loyalty Bonus

Be loyal with LuckBox and get your deposit boost by 50% to a maximum of $200. Each client upon deposit with have a personal code to claim immediately the loyalty Bonus and have 14 days to benefit from the bonus.

Combo Bet Cash Back

LuckBox allow its clients to place a combo of at least four selections via its Combo Bet Cash Back once per week and if ever one game let you down, the client is refunded up to $25. Each selection must be of a minimum price pf 1.2  and total combined odd must be 2.0  to be eligible for the promotion. Each combo  must be  of a minimum of $5 and the client have 14 days to wager its bonus in case of winning.

League of Legends Refund

Place a single pre match and get your money back of a maximum of $ 10 in the League of Legend  market in case you have lost. Each client can claim their refund only once per week and each refund will be credited within 36 hours of the refund process started.

Midnite Promotions


Get your bet power up by sharing your bet on Twitter by using the hashtag #MidniteMagic and tagging  @Midnite and get yourself selected by Midnite to have a magic power up. Midnite can power up your bet by Doubling up to a maximum of £100, Insurance by refunding your bet in case you lost one leg, Pay day and Credit your account if you have win your bet.

Midnite Bet Club

Get yourself ‘ Join The Club’  every First Monday of the month and get £5 of free bet every week. Join the club by through the invitation sent by Midnite and beneficiate from £5 Freebet.  To have so, you need to place a bet of £25 with an odd of 1.8 and 2 legs. Check your email for invitation!

Longshot Ladder

Midnite provides you the Longshot Ladder and launched up to £1000 month prizes. Get yourself the first prize as from £300 + T shirt. Midnite multiply your longest odd winning bet each day by 100. The minimum stake is £5 and the leaderboard begins First day of the Month and ends on the last day o the month. Snipe the longest odd and win even more.

Welcome Bonus

Bet £25 and get £5 free as bet credit in your account. This bonus is only applicable for new clients who have been registered. Get yourself a bet of £25 with an odd of 1.50 and get £5 as free.  You can bet on esports/ pre match and in play.

Real Cricket 20

Sports in Esports (SIES) is launching the Ecricket World Series, which is a new cricket tournament that will be played on Real Cricket 20 . This tournament is penciled to begin on the first of August 2020 and the tournament will be played online due to the ongoing lockdown measures which have been put in place to curb the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
At the moment, there are no cricket esports leagues played at an official level like soccer, although there may be informal tournaments organised and played among fans. It is therefore clear that cricket is lagging behind in esports and that may be the reason why such a tournament has been planned.
The main aim of this tournament is to help to catapult cricket into the world of esports because cricket has not made the same impact in esports as soccer and there is a general feeling that such tournaments can help in that regard. The Ecricket World Series is set to be the first ecricket event which is going to be held on a global scale. 
What is Real Cricket 20?
Real Cricket 20 is a Nautilus Mobile creation which is a famous mobile cricket simulation game which is considered to be the best mobile cricket game available. The Real Cricket has a series of games starting with Real Cricket 18, Real Cricket 19 and now Real Cricket 20 and each time a new game is released, there are new great features that comes with it.
Real Cricket 20 has a 2 vs 2 real-time match mode and from the game interface, players will be able to create a four-person living room and compete in real-time in colourful and exciting twists and turns.
The Real Cricket 20 includes what is called a co-op mode which allows you to play against artificial intelligence if you can’t find an opponent, this is actually important because there is no excuse for not playing the game.
Another feature you can find with Real Cricket 20 is the Spectate Mode , this mode enables you to broadcast your cricket games online or you can watch your friends’ matches live as well and this has enabled Nautilus Mobile to expand the popularity of their flagship game and they have managed to get millions of fans around the world.
The great thing about the game is that it offers cricket world cup test matches and there are great features as well like the female commentary, great stadiums and excellent ways to control and hit the ball.  
Below are some of the characteristics of the Real Cricket 20; 
New graphical engine that provides the game with an even more realistic experience than in Real Cricket 19.
Play with real teams from different leagues and national teams.
Apply different game strategies.
Bowl and bat with the most appropriate technique for each situation.
Visit stadiums inspired by real-life grounds.
Choose between different cameras to follow the game.
Unlock several different game modes and difficulty levels.
Follow the game and the matches as if you were watching them on TV.
Realistic simulations.
Take part in the quarrels between players.
Use legal and fully licensed equipment to play cricket.

TikTok Cup

What is TikTok?
TikTok which is a video-sharing social networking service has recently partnered up with CSL to create esports tournament called the TikTok Cup which is very popular. The partnership must have been inspired by the fact that both these companies reward student gamers with prize money. The TikTok Cup features a series of team-based tournaments for four different games and prize varies depending on the title. 
Who can participate in these tournaments?
The TikTok Cup is made up of eight individual online tournaments and the cup is open to students who are currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in the United States. This is good because students now have the opportunity win a share of the $60K prize pool which will be useful in supporting their education. All the tournaments for the TikTok Cup are not individual tournaments but are team-based, whereby the teams must be made up only with students enrolled at the same school.
What are some of the requirements for participation?
Besides being a student at a university or college in the United States, you must also register for a CSL account and complete your profile by providing information for your school and game, you must also ensure that the email you provide is verified. After successfully registering, you can proceed by creating your own team or join an existing team at your very school. In order to enroll for the TikTok tournaments, you must visit where you will see a number of tournaments and register your participation.
What is the prize money?
Various aspects of the tournaments like the schedule, eligibility requirements, caps on registration, software and many other requirements differ from game to game. Please note that the prizing for each tournament consists of cash prizes between $500–$5,000 and the prize pool for all the tournaments is a massive $60,000. The top three placed teams will receive cash prizes whilst the 5th to 6th placed teams will get gift cards. Excitingly, any college student can submit their gaming TikTok videos to #TikTokCupContest to win more prizes, so this competition has more to offer.
Which games make up the TikTok tournament?
The games that make up the TikTok tournament are Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket LeagueA total of 128 teams can participate in each of the Fortnite and Rocket League tournaments and 64 teams will participate in the League of Legends and CS:GO competitions. The TikTok tournament will take place in two phases and the top four teams from each tournament will make their way into their respective ‘Finals’ which will be broadcasted on CSL’s official Twitch channel.
The tourmanent dates
The month of May has seen two tournaments already, one on the 9th and 10th of May and the other on the 16th and 17th of May, We are now awaiting the release of the new dates for the upcoming tournaments.
Conclusively, TikTok and CSL have done a commendable job in coming up with this tournament which is helping some university/college students financially. Betting has long been seen in a negative light but TikTok is proving that assertion wrong as betting can have an impact on people’s lives.

Nordic League of Legends Telia Esports Series

The new Nordic series will become part of international gaming. The first Telia Esports Series games of League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena video game created by Riot Games, will be played in June 2020.
Telia is teaming up with Riot Games DreamHack, the largest gaming lifestyle festival, to create a Nordic League of Legends regional competition series.
Telia Esports Series will expand from Finland to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, each with their own national leagues. Broadcasts will be done in each country’s native language.

There will be eight slots for teams in each country league. Some of the slots will have participants that take seats after qualifying to be there, while others will be participating on invitation. The prize pool: 8000 € per country plus the chance for the two winning teams to advance to bigger leagues.
The Telia Masters tournament will host the top two teams from each country as well as two from UKLC and will be operated by Dreamhack. With a prize pool of 10 000 €, the two top teams will battle it out against the two weakest teams in the Northern League of Legends Championship. The victorious teams will advance into NLC, from where the road is open all the way to European Masters. For more information about NLC see
Mo Fadl, Head of Publishing Nordics at Riot Games, says the following: “The new competitive gaming ecosystem, that we will create together with Telia and Dreamhack, will allow highly talented, competitive players from across the region to flourish on home soil. It will also create a pathway for amateur players to join the professional ranks and give League fans an opportunity to get behind the best players that the region has to offer, engaging with broadcasts and possible local events.”

‘League of Legends’, the world’s most watched eSport as well as the most popular PC game in the world, is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Two teams of five people each face each other in the game arena, their goal to destroy their opponent’s base while defending their team’s starting point.
League of Legends turned 10 years this year, and Heli Partanen, CEO of Telia Finland, confirmed that the new Nordic series is aimed at making the Nordic countries a significant part of the global esports ecosystem. Riot Games offers ‘League of Legends’ matches in North America, Europe, China and South Korea.
For more information, please visit

New Hampshire Lottery adds e-NASCAR

The New Hampshire Lottery is the second oldest in the United States of America and offers players countless opportunities to win mega amounts through a variety of world-renowned lotteries,

The sporting lockdown has forced many online betting operators to think out of the box and the New Hampshire Lottery is moving with the times, creating an e-sport book with special attention on e-NASCAR.

The platform has added e-NASCAR – a virtual race experience based on NASCAR – to both its mobile and online portfolios. The New Hampshire Lottery is one of the most reputable portals in the world, with a host of major jackpots on offer.

The platform lotteries on offer include Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Power-Ball, Tri-state Mega Bucks as well as running a host of well-paying scratch cards and a Keno.

The portal offers millions of US dollars up for grabs each week and has established itself as a name brand renowned for forward-thinking and progressiveness.

The addition of the e-NASCAR will provide sports punters with a chance to follow live in-play action, with the popular motor-racing event now being accessible via online play. Drivers will compete in simulated races, in simulated real cars as well as taking part in different races across a range of tracks.

Esports is becoming a booming sports betting business and there are a myriad of events, leagues, tournaments, and races across all sporting codes. There is prize money for participants, sponsors, and a diverse range of esports betting options.

E-NASCAR has a popular Coca-Cola I-racing Series, which is sanctioned by the racing body and features 40 of the best SIM drivers in the world, competing in a 20-race schedule. E-NASCAR was officially launched in 2018 and is proving a hit. With almost the entire sporting world in isolation, the simulated online action is gearing up for another upward surge and the New Hampshire Lottery portal is on the right track.

There is an added layer of respectability, credibility and the excitement factor for bettors as current NASCAR drives are among the participants, including Denny Hemlin, Dale Earnhardt Junior, Clint Bowyer and Kyle Busch.

There are a host of favourites going into each race, as well as the overall end-of-competition winner and many pundits are tipping Timmy Hill to go far. Other top picks are Garrett Smithley and Alex Bowman. Hill goes into every race as the odds-on favourite picking up 674 wins in 1677 races (historically).

The win odds on each race fluctuate between hot odds-on favourites to wild long shots. A favourite for a race can be had at 9/5 while a host of other drivers can be had at 50/1 or even 100/1.

There are also bets to be had on the placings of the top three.

The E-NASCAR Series, as presented by the New Hampshire Lottery platform will bring in new fans to the sport, when the lockdown is finally lifted, as well as keeping loyal fans and punters incredibly happy.