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What are esports

Esports are a broad range of online, typically multiplayer games, played on a variety of platforms, including PC, XBOX and PlayStation. These include games based on reality such as FIFA football, or fantasy games like KOG, or League of Legends. These games have progressed into massive tournaments, sometimes played in person in stadiums, or sometimes played completely remotely/online.

Best esports betting sites

There are 2 types of esports betting sites, those that are dedicated to esports betting and those that are sports betting sites that have chosen to add in esports as an additional betting product, like casino or lottery. This doesn’t mean that one is necessarily better than the other, it all really depends on what type of a punter you are and what types of esports bets you are looking to place.
Dedicated esports sites have been developed from the ground up to offer betting on esports, and then they may also offer betting on other sports. Whereas the inverse is also true and there are traditional sports betting sites that now offer betting on esports as well. If you are just starting out betting on esports, most punters will already be a member of a betting site and so they can use the same account they already have, and start placing bets on esport games. Typically these will just be 1X2. The reason why you would join a dedicated esports betting site and start betting there would be that they typically provide betting action on many more tournaments as well as much expanded betting markets. So here is our list of the best esports betting sites:

Top esports betting bonuses

Now, apart from the betting markets and breadth of esports tournaments and matches available for betting, another reason to join and stay with an esports betting site is their betting bonuses. These can vary from sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty points, boosted odds etc.
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Is it legal to bet on esports?

Betting on esports used to be done via what was called skin betting. This was entirely illegal and not managed or regulated. In recent years, with the popularity growing and the demand from the betting public growing, Regulators have become including eSports betting as a product in the fixed odds betting regulations. This means that any licensed bookmaker will be allowed to offer odds and betting markets on eSports matches. At this stage, the only eSports game that does not have any betting on it, is Fortnite.

What eSports games can we bet on?

The great thing with the eSports betting industry is that new games and tournaments are being added all the time. The most popular eSports games to bet on include League of Legends, KOG, DOTA 2, Call of Duty and Counterstrike (CS:GO). However, one of the “entrance” eSports for most punters is FIFA betting, and betting on eSoccer games, as well as NB2K and iRacing.

Where can we bet on eSports?

Initially the markets were very limited and you could only bet on 1×2 markets. However, as each game varies considerably in terms of game-play, more markets are being added all the time. These now include betting on first kill, betting by map etc. Recently some betting sites have even been adding eSports pool betting, which is sure to be very very popular. There are dedicated licensed eSports betting sites like Puntt and GGBet, but most licensed sports betting sites will offer a range of eSports betting options, although they might still be limited in the markets they offer compared to those sites completely dedicated to this market.

How is eSports Betting different from Betting on Traditional Sports?

There is definitely a fairly steep leaning curve when it comes to eSports betting. This is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, eSports are vastly different from traditional sports in terms of gameplay and rules. If you typically bet on football and start betting on basketball, although the rules are different, you will have an innate understanding of general sport gameplay. With eSports, this is not the case, as these games have been developed through fantasy and not based on what can and can not be done in reality. Secondly, each eSport is vastly different in terms of gameplay and so an understanding of one eSport does not necessarily crossover well into an understanding of another eSport. For example, if you know CS:GO very well, it does not mean you will have any idea how Rocket League is played. Next, the speed of play is vastly quicker than any traditional sport you may have watched before. Finally, the actual betting markets themselves represent entirely new ways of betting, as the gameplay is so different. You can bet on individual players behaviour, on maps etc.

Why should you bet on eSports?

Should you start betting on eSports? Definitely yes. eSports are one of the fastest growing entertainment industries, and it is growing like this for a reason. It is here to stay and it makes sense for you to begin understanding the betting markets as the sport itself becomes more mainstream. Next, eSports betting does not rely on physical stadiums (although they definitely add value to the big tournaments), and players can play remotely. This opens up the ability for matches regardless of the seasons or weather. There are also thousands of matches taking place each year, which represents massive betting potential.

How do our eSports Betting tips work?

Predicting which eSports team will win the match is always going to be a challenge. We take it seriously and use a scientific approach – Data is King! We have historical data on thousands of matches, for all game types. This data includes not only who won and lost, but when they started to lose or win, player behaviour, current season performance, head2head analysis etc. We take all of this data and we push it through our ePredictionEngine. This AI analysis all these variables, assigns weighting to them and then provides the prediction on which team should win the match.

eSports Betting Bonuses

We also provide the latest esports betting bonuses, promotions and free bets from all major betting sites